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Experience NBR

 Get the Most Natural, Light-Weight, and
Comfortable Hair You've Always Dreamed of Having!

If you’re ready to experience the most Natural, Full, Lightweight, Comfortable, Instagram worthy hair of your life, click “Apply for NBR” below to get started.

Natural Beaded Rows™ (NBR)

NBR™ is known for its signature hair blend—using the highest quality of hand-tied hair, which lasts 4-6 months. Unlike traditional hair extensions, NBR™ creates maximum length and fullness; without damaging your natural hair. 


This innovative technique features an exclusive string and bead method to fashion a solid foundation for extensions to lay upon. “Wefts” of hand tied hair are placed in rows and sewn together to create a comfortable, natural and beautiful result.

  • There is no sticky glue, tape, or heat involved—which means they won’t slip out like traditional extensions.

  • There are minimal points of contact to your natural hair to ensure minimal risk of damage and promote healthy hair growth.

  • The removal process is quick, easy, and painless and takes less than 10 minutes!

NBR™ extensions can be worn straight, curly, or air dried; and are versatile to style, including ponytails. They blend so well with your natural hair, no one will believe you have hair extensions—unless you show them!

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